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As a general practice firm of Chartered Accountants, we offer all of the traditional services such as accounting, auditing, taxation, consultancy, bookkeeping, training and management reporting. We have also developed many areas of specific expertise such as personal and corporate tax enquiries, management consultancy and business development.

We are small enough to provide a professional, personal service based on strong relationships and big enough to provide a level of expertise that our clients require. Have a look at some of the services that we offer and see how we can help you:


Accountancy and Audit services: Our professional staff have a wealth of experience in the preparation of accounts for small and medium sized businesses. An annual audit can sometimes feel like a time-consuming and expensive process that only benefits the statutory authorities. At Barber & Co we ensure that all of your audit requirements are met, whilst carrying out a review of your financial and management systems which can result in our identifying potential problem areas and recommending opportunities to improve your business performance.


Personal and Corporate Taxes: We maintain separate departments for compliance personal and corporate tax work and planning, each managed by a senior partner of the firm. Such is the pace of legislation in recent years that only specialised knowledge can provide the requisite level of advice and guidance, backed up by the latest in information technology.


Bookkeeping services: We offer a wide range of accountancy and bookkeeping services ranging from complete outsourcing to adhoc bookkeeping support. Invariable our clients maintain their finances on computers and we have a wealth of experience with all of the main suppliers of accounting and bookkeeping software. In designing and setting up bookkeeping systems we will ensure that they are compliant for VAT and PAYE, that controls are strong and reporting streamlined.


Payroll and VAT: Probably the biggest headache for those manageing and running a business is meeting with the compliance requirements of VAT, PAYE and other associated taxes. We make it as simple as possible, offering a payroll bureau service tailored to specific client's needs. VAT regulation is extensive and requires specialised knowledge from our professional staff. At Barber & Co our philosophy is always that prevention is better than cure.


Estate Planning: Few of us would like to think about dying but equally few of us would like to live with the thought that we have not made adequate provision for those that we leave behind. It is demoralising to think that a substantial slice of the wealth that a client has built up over a lifetime could go to the Government ! The answer is planning ! And we can help !


Other services: We have an extensive list of other services, all of which we provide with the same overall philosophy of professional, personal service based on strong relationships. Other services include:

  • Company and LLP formations
  • Sole trader accounts
  • Budgeting
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Accountancy software training
  • Company car schemes

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